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Who Decided A Loan Modification Should Cost $3000 Or More?

By John Caroll
When a homeowner decides to apply for a loan modification, it is safe to assume that they are in some kind of financial distress. While for some families their financial condition might be worse than others, everyone who needs to modify their loan is experiencing trouble with paying their mortgage. (continued below)

Who Decided A Loan Modification Should Cost $3000 Or More?

It is therefore inexplicable that various companies that help modify loans for homeowners charge exorbitant amount of money when the same can be done at a fraction of the cost. Most companies charge you at least $3000 to apply for a loan modification for you. That being said, even though these companies command these huge fees, they cannot give any kind of guarantee to the homeowner whether their loans will be modified by their bank or mortgage lender.

Therefore, every time a homeowner or a family decides to utilize the services of a loan modification company, they are putting themselves at risk as if their application is rejected by the bank because they would end up losing money from paying a company up front that was unsuccessful in getting their loan modified. Of course, many homeowners feel taking this risk is probably their only choice as the other option is losing your home to foreclosure. However, the fact remains that homeowners can easily try to modify their loan on their own without requiring the help of an attorney or paying outrageous fees.

To begin with, one of the main roles of a consulting company is to inform you of all the documents you will require and how to input the information. Nowadays there are loan modification guides available which already include all documents you will need to submit to your bank. Not just that, but if you search hard enough, you will even find guides or programs on the internet who will review each and every document for you at no extra charge before you submit your application to your bank or your mortgage lender. The review of documents is an invaluable service if provided as it completely removes the requirement of having to go through a loan modification company and hence literally saving you thousands of dollars.

Some programs available review all documents for homeowners and even point out mistakes so that your chances of approval are much higher as compared to applications which have lot of errors in them. There are some homeowners who feel they might need the services of a consultant or attorney as they would not understand the entire process of the loan modification. Even this is now taken care of by loan modification guides that provide unlimited phone support so anyone reading the guide is never lost and understands each and every aspect of what they need to do in order to successfully modify their loan.

Since more and more families have started to realize that fees charged by loan modification companies are not worth the risk, many people have started questioning who decided modifying loans should cost so much especially when the families are already in so much distress. It is therefore advisable that you search for a program which not only gives you step by step details on how to modify your loan but also comes with unlimited phone support and reviewing of documents before applying for a modification with your bank.

About the Author:
John Caroll is the creator of The HAMP Guide Program which is the only loan modification guide which gives you complete knowledge on how to modify your loan using President Obama’s Home Affordable Modification Program with unlimited free phone support. For more information please visit www.HAMPguide.org.

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