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The Scoop on Car Loans in a Struggling Economy

by Kaila West
As the dreary winter months approach, there’s no better time to kick start your life, and the economy, than by getting a car. The economy is still in rough shape, but it is a great time to get an auto loan nonetheless. You might think that little credit would be available, but a depressed market is actually a good time to acquire a loan. After all, if car sales are down, the automobile manufacturers have good reason to offer appetizing rates on car loans. Regardless of your personal credit history, it is possible to get a loan and buy a car. (continued below)

The Scoop on Car Loans in a Struggling Economy

Paying For Your Car
Of course, it helps to look in the right places. Another reason that it is a good time to get car loans is that there are so many potential loaners out there. Many of them have online loan applications or are entirely internet based. Since many of the best rates can be found online, it pays to familiarize yourself with the various options out there. It is also important to think about your credit profile and the considerations that lenders make when deciding whether to approve a loan. Knowing what lenders look for enables you to improve your chances of getting a good deal on a loan. One big factor is income. If you can prove that you make more than enough money each month to pay your debts, you have a good chance at an auto loan. Credit history also plays a large role. If you request your free credit report and it looks iffy, you may want to build your credit score before settling for a high interest loan.

Before jumping right in, you should also think about whether you should aim for secured or unsecured financing. A secured loan is when the borrower puts up an asset as collateral. If the borrower is unable to pay back the loan, the lender has the right to acquire the asset. Since the lender has less to lose with a secured loan, this type of financing may be easier to find. In addition, lenders generally offer lower interest rates on secured loans. With unsecured financing, the loan is granted purely based on the borrower’s credit history and ability to repay. Borrowers with unsecured loans may rest easier knowing that their assets are not in a state of uncertainty. The lender, on the other hand, is taking on more risk and is likely to hike the interest rate of the loan. What type of loan fits your situation best depends on the individual circumstances. If you are certain that you can take on the loan without much trouble, then secured financing may work best. If the thought of placing something valuable up as collateral is disconcerting, then an unsecured loan may be the better path.

Once you have decided upon a clear financial strategy for paying the loan back and have considered all of the information above, you are ready to find a loan that will work for you. Since money is tight these days, it is important to go through the process a couple times to think everything over. Looking online opens up a great number of options for car loans. In the modern age of internet commerce, borrowers are no longer dependent on the financial institutions in their vicinity. Since the best loans with the lowest rates will generally attract the most borrowers, there is a lot of competition. With so many online financial companies competing for customers, the borrowers are at an advantage. You’ll find that car loans are no longer difficult to get if you have a steady income and a reasonable credit history. Due in part to the increased competition and the economy, customers with poor credit scores can often acquire loans as well. Getting an automobile loan online is a great way to put yourself in the driver’s seat of a new car this winter.

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