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Shrugging Off Bad Credit? How Your Flawed Score Could Hurt You

by Leo Chu
You have always hated scores. Exam scores, aptitude scores, credit scores. You feel that it reduces your whole person to one mere number, and is therefore a thing that must be ignored. After all, you get by with bad scores just fine, right? (continued below)

Shrugging Off Bad Credit? How Your Flawed Score Could Hurt You

Wrong! There is one score that you must pay attention to: your credit score. Having flawed or inaccurate credit history could dramatically change how you live your life. It determines credibility in the most important roles that you portray. As a consumer, you are judged according to your credit score. As an employee, you can get hired or ignored, promoted or fired, based merely on credit history. As a motorist, you could get the lowest premiums if you have a high credit score, while you are sure to get the highest premiums if you have just the opposite.

Four Scary Credit Scenarios

To illustrate this point further, these four scary scenarios here could help shape up and fix your credit history.

If you are looking for a job, a promotion, or simply a better job placement within a company, it is important to be aware that credit history matters greatly. Employers use this factor to determine whether you are a good hire or not. Jobs that entail financial handling most especially require a credit scoring history. It all boils down to credibility, really. If you have missed some payments on loans, this indicates two negative traits all at once: that you are not responsible enough to settle accounts, and that you will most likely be corrupt.

Credit card history can decrease or increase premiums. Statistical research shows that clients with low credit repair tend to file for higher claims so that insurance flag applicants with low credit scores.

Cellular Phone Subscription
Looking to get hooked with cable, internet, and cellular phone? Credit scores will determine whether you will be treated like a VIP or like an annoying customer. Having a high credit score will be the company’s gauge in offering you their best package, since your score indicates you are a good payer. If however you have a bad credit history, you will be asked for some down payment instead of perks and freebies.

Unknown to many lessees, landlords consistently check the credit history of tenants to check their capability to pay. If you like where you live now and do not want to lose your pad, work to credit scores history.

Your credit score matters because it could affect the most important aspects of your life.

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