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Reviewing Documents Before Submitting Your Loan Modification Application

By John Caroll HAMP Guide
Whether you utilize the services of a loan modification company or decide to apply for a loan modification on your own, you will have to get your documents reviewed thoroughly before actually submitting your application to your mortgage lender. This is the reason why many homeowners who cannot afford the huge upfront fees of a loan modification company feel they have no choice but to go with these consultants or attorneys as they are too scared of making a mistake in their documentation. (continued below)

Reviewing Documents Before Submitting Your Loan Modification Application

Ideally, all homeowners would prefer to modify their mortgages on their own and avoid paying anything ranging from $3000 to $7000 to an attorney who cannot even guarantee approval of the loan modification by the banks or mortgage lenders. Unfortunately though, just because these companies or attorneys make sure that all documents are in place and go through each file carefully to check for missing items or mistakes made by homeowners, they get to charge ridiculous sums of money from families who are desperately trying to save every penny.

Experts believe that anyone looking to modify their loan should first actually try to apply for a loan modification on their own. Even if you do not know how to go about the whole process, there are many guides available which can help you learn the system. Of course, not all of these guides can help you in reviewing your documents as well as those will have to be prepared only by you.

The best case scenario would be to get a guide which not only gives you step by step details on how to modify your loan but is backed by a team of consultants and attorneys who will review your documents for you at no extra cost. Many homeowners would think it would be impossible to find such a guide but if you search hard enough, you will surely come across loan modification programs that not just sell you a guide but also provide complete support in terms of reviewing your documents and also helping you out via phone if you need any help with the guide in hand.

While it is similar to modifying your loan on your own, you also have access to consultants throughout the loan modification process without having to pay anything additional for them. It is strongly recommended that all families considering approaching their banks or mortgage lenders to modify their loans search for a loan modification guide that will provide free phone support and review your documents for you so that you are completely at ease and have a much better chance of having your application approved by your bank. This is one of the main keys to getting your modification approved.

If such a guide is available, it just does not make any sense to employ the services of a loan modification company and pay thousands of dollars to them. Just simply pick up your guide and get free phone support and documentation reviewed by the team of attorneys and consultants. You need to make sure you follow the guide and utilize the free insight from consultants to put you in position for approval of your loan modification by your bank.

About the Author:
John Caroll is the creator of The HAMP Guide Program which is the only loan modification guide which gives you complete knowledge on how to modify your loan using President Obama’s Home Affordable Modification Program with unlimited free phone support. For more information please visit www.HAMPguide.org.

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