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Instant, Faxless Payday Loans Do Exist Online, But You Have to Find the Good Ones!

by Daniel Kooper
Instant, faxless payday loans do exist online, but you have to find the good ones! It takes a little browsing research to locate the best deal online, and while you are doing this be sure to check out the website for reliability, history, and security. This industry has grown so quickly, and there are some shady (continued below)

Instant, Faxless Payday Loans Do Exist Online, But You Have to Find the Good Ones!

operators here, just like in any area of business. Watch for a Better Business Bureau approval, and secure SSL technology – the little gold lock icon.

No need to send sensitive personal records online.

Previously, it was necessary to fax online lenders all kinds of sensitive personal information, and that does not do a lot for your peace of mind. Becoming faxless was a major improvement for these online payday loan lenders. You do need to be an adult, 18 or older, have a job or regular income, and you need a direct deposit bank account. Your payday loan transaction is handled quickly, with the loan payment and your repayment all done electronically. Most loan periods are two weeks, or until your next payday date. When the repayment is due, you must have the loan amount plus any fee or interest available in your account for the withdrawal to be made.

Different regulations depending on where you live.

Some states have different regulations on payday lending, but in general there are some limitations on interest rates. Good ones are $10 per $100 to $25 per $100. Any higher than that, and you will lose any benefit from borrowing. If you incur bounced check charges, shut off fees, over limit fees, or insufficient funds fees, you will pay a lot more than the payday loan fee. You can borrow from $100 to $1500 for your instant faxless payday loans. Some lenders can get you the loan deposit in your account within one hour, others take until the next business day.

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