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How Unsecured and Secured Debt Consolidation Loans Can Help People

by Suzy Vanstrusen
Having debt problems you can’t handle anymore? Thinking of filing for bankruptcy? Before doing so, read this article to know how debt consolidation will help you solve these problems. Bankruptcy is not always an option. Think of the impact it will give your credit report. There is still a way to surpass getting stuck with debt. Learn more about debt consolidation loans and two kinds of it. (continued below)

How Unsecured and Secured Debt Consolidation Loans Can Help People

Secured Debt Consolidation Loans
A secured debt consolidation loan is one that requires the submission of collateral The collateral can be a car, home or other valuable asset that belongs to the borrower. A collateral will serve as a guarantee that in case of default, there is still an available source of funding which can be use to repay them.

Most people prefer to submit their home properties because of its bigger value. If you need to pay large amounts of debt with various creditors, you may need to use your home as collateral to get a bigger loan. Nevertheless, there is always the risk that your lender can repossess your property should you fail to keep up with your loan repayment.

A secured debt consolidation loans gives the borrower some sense of freedom. By paying off all your existing debts at once, you can be free from the pressure of dealing with creditors and debt collectors. There is also no need to juggle between different due dates since you’ll only have to submit one monthly payment to your debt consolidation company. Combining multiple debts into one account means paying only one interest rate significantly reducing your total monthly cost.

Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans

Some people may not have a home or a property to use as collateral. Remember that you can’t apply for a secured loan if you are just renting your home or you are undergoing a mortgage repayment. Others may not feel comfortable in putting their properties on the line. If the same situations apply to you, an unsecured debt consolidation can be a good option. Rather than file for bankruptcy, why not consider consolidating your debts with an unsecured loan?

Because of the absence of collateral, unsecured loans may have much higher interest rates than secured loans. This is why it’s very important to do extensive research and compare lenders before making a choice. Many lending companies offer unsecured consolidation loans through the internet for easier and more convenient application. Still, it is advisable to spend time analyzing your options before signing up for an unsecured debt consolidation loan.

To be approved for non-secured loan, the borrower has to submit a proof of a stable income. In the absence of a collateral, this will serve as some assurance that the applicant is capable of paying. However, because of the higher risks involved, most lending companies or debt consolidation companies will only offer a limited amount of loan. The repayment period will also be much shorter than the repayment period for secured loans.

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