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Getting Your Credit Report

by Leo Chu
It is important for people to know their credit scores, since it largely influences their ability to engage in commercial transactions. Knowledge of one’s ratings will give him an idea how much effort he needs to exert to further improve his image. (continued below)

Getting Your Credit Report

Getting information about assessments made by credit report companies for an individual need not be expensive. In fact, one can obtain such data for free.

Entities or agencies that provide such evaluations on consumers are mandated by law to provide the latter copies of the assessments made.

Under the Fair credit reporting Act, any individual has the right to get a free copy of his scores and the explanations behind these once every year. In obtaining a copy, a person must log on to the website of the firm and provide necessary information, such as full name, gender, address, contact details, birth date, and social security number, among others.

He may also be asked to give his credit card number. This is because the firm will charge fees on the consumer in the event that he decides to avail himself of additional services besides the one-time release of his assessment report.

Currently, there are three companies providing reports on people’s payment histories and their financial standings. A consumer may find it prudent to get copies of the evaluation from all three firms to better manage his standing.

A person who likes to improve the way he is viewed by lenders, banks, and other entities should regularly monitor developments about his evaluations and do the necessary actions. Increasing one’s standing entail settlement of debts and prompt settlement of bills, among others.

Getting regular updates about a company’s assessment of an individual and availing additional service, however, requires payment of some fees.

Additional services may include sending alerts to concerned consumers every time an entity requests for their payment history, and sending notifications about changes in their standings.

Regularly monitoring one’s ratings and improving these is essential to allow a person to smoothly transact business.

A person can easily secure loans for financing a purchase of an automobile or a house if a bank knows he has a good payment history. Favorable scores may also allow a person to easily buy financial products, like insurance, and purchase other goods and services with loans.

On the other hand, poor ratings may prevent an individual from getting a bank loan and from being able to engage in other financial transactions.

Because of the huge influence of evaluations on people’s financial standings and their ability to do a wide range of activities, the public is encouraged to keep track of their ratings and improve these if necessary.

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