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Free Credit Report – How to Get a Credit Report For Free

by Davion Wong
Every citizen is entitled to an annual free credit report from three main credit bureaus, Equifac, Experian and Transunion. These major credit-reporting agencies are tasked by the government to provide the citizens a free copy of their report once in a year. (continued below)

Free Credit Report – How to Get a Credit Report For Free

A credit report is a comprehensive collection of your personal credit information which includes your payment history and behavior, current account balances, complete list of all your financial accounts, and much more. It does not contain your real credit score; however, your credit score are based on the information taken from this report. Therefore, in order for you to achieve a good credit score, your credit report should have an excellent credit record.

However, there are some instances when some of the information contained in your credit rating report have errors; hence, it is very important to get your free report in order to check if all entries are correct. Erroneous entries could greatly affect your credit score; and this will further affect your quality of life.

The free credit report is not automatically sent to you every year; you have to make a request for your free copy by doing any of the following methods: request a copy of your printed annul report request brochure at the Federal Trade Commission; check its back page where you can find a request form and fill up the required fields. Once completed, mail it to the Annual Credit Report Request Services, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281.

The second method of getting your free credit rating report is by calling their customer hotline at (877)322-8228; and lastly, you can go online and log on to the only website that allows you to access your free copy at the

Doing any of the following methods mentioned above will help you get your own free copy of your financial record. Once you receive it, make sure to check and authenticate all entries. Furthermore, try to identify which aspect of your free credit report where your performance is poor; and try to improve it to increase your total credit score.

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