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Finding Ethical Credit Repair Companies

by Jim Eastman
You hear so much in regard to credit repair companies that when you fall prey to bad credit it’s tempting to get their help to deal with your bad credit. But choosing a good company can be problematic, because you will find that evaluating such companies in not such an easy task! Because they are service oriented, there’s no physical product to evaluate, and choosing by trial and error is … well, a very bad idea! Keep these three issues in mind before making a decision. These indicators will also protect you from being ripped off by scam companies whose goal is to relieve you of your money, not your problems. (continued below)

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Finding Ethical Credit Repair Companies

1. Quality Credit Repair Companies Are Affiliated With Reputable Regulatory Bodies

As with any good business, a professional credit repair agency will affiliate itself with reputable regulatory bodies such as the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or the ECRA (Ethical Credit Repair Alliance). These affiliations require their members to abide by certain codes of ethics for the purpose of protecting you the consumer. Research and find out if the company you’re considering is affiliated with professional organizations. If yes, what are they?. Don’t neglect to go further and explore what those affiliations they have – Joined it further and check out these regulatory agencies themselves. Do your homework on the Internet to get the complete picture.

2. The Best Credit Repair Companies Have Satisfied Clients To Show You

It’s always expected that a good local credit repair agency would have a fair amount of verbal positive feedback from local people. This is a good indication that this is a company that keeps its promises. But don’t rely on secure say a loan when placing your trust in a company.

Ask for references from satisfied clients, and then visit those clients. Most anyone will be more than happy to recount their experiences and offer their device. Inquire about what they offer, how they go about helping you with your credit, and how much it will cost you.

3. Legitimate Credit Repair Companies Do Not Sell You Shortcuts

There are no shortcuts in the credit repair business. You can not expect they clean credit report at the stamp of your fingers nor make your bad credit go away.

Be suspicious of credit repair companies that make outrageous claims of overnight success. It is likely that they are lying or that they are using illegal means. Avoid traps such as these because you will surely find cause for regret. Stick to the legit way to improve your credit rating and in the end you will be the winner.

As you can see, it is not too hard to choose the right one from among the many credit repair companies that you find on and off the Net. Never forget that you are better off to proceed cautiously, then to act to quickly and regret doing so at a future date.

About the Author
Jim Eastman writes about credit repair and credit repair companies. For more information – and a “grab-bag” of bonuses – visit the ECRA at