Credit Repair

Credit repair is a process in which an individual or business with a poor credit rating intentionally takes action to stop the downward spiral of their FICO or Credit score. Part of the process requires creating a plan to eliminate outstanding debt, as well as revise the spending habits that created the initial problem. Depending on the size of the debt, it may be necessary to work with a credit counseling service in order to develop a viable plan. Get your Credit Report and Score from – fast, free and easy!

Guidelines to help you repair your bad credit score all by yourself…

If you are unable to make your bill payments on time, it gets listed as negative items on your credit report. Exceeding credit card balances also have a negative impact on your report and lowers your credit score. In this situation you can get credit help all by your own efforts.You can clean your report and repair bad credit score by following a few simple strategies. Some of the guidelines that can help you increase your score are:

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Debt To Income Ratio And Not Income Determines Your Credit Score

Surprising as it might seem on first hearing, your credit score is simply based on a debt to income ratio, and how big or small your income is, is only relative to your outgoings.

It’s Quality And Not Quantity.

Your credit score merely attempts to predict your ability to make payments based on your past payment history and your current level of debt, and no attempt is made to predict how much debt you’re able to take on based on your present income.

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Ask Dealers, Vendors And Creditors For Better Deal And You’ll Most Likely Get One

If you ask most people why they don’t haggle more before they hand over their hard earned money, they’ll more than likely tell you that it’s because they don’t feel comfortable doing it, but the bottom line is that there’s no reason why asking for a better deal should make anyone feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

In general, men find it harder to haggle than women and the reason is partly upbringing and partly cultural, and if you’ve visited the far east, middle east, Mexico or south America then you’ll have noticed that negotiating a price is normal, and if you don’t do it then you’ll most likely be considered stupid, and even worse, you’ll spoil the fun that the dealer would have got from haggling.

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Credit Repair Red Letter Days

…never before has quality of your credit so quickly translated into dollars and cents. Virtually all of the credit market sectors, from credit card issuers to mortgage lenders are now pricing on a risk basis. This means that every single point on your credit score means more money in your pocket.

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